A Bad Day For “Inspiration”

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I know they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I think there is a very clear line between flattery and forgery. That line was flirted with today by two releases:

1) Gucci Studded Oxford

Can we (as the average consumer) not all agree that Christian Louboutin did studded men’s shoes more creatively and extremely thoroughly? Was there really a void left that needed to be filled? Evidently the creatives over at Gucci thought so as they released this studded oxford. Although the oxford is slightly more refined than the Louboutin offerings it still garnished with studs. If someone is buying a pair of oxfords I highly doubt they are thinking to themselves, “I wish there was a more edgy alternative to flat black oxfords. I suppose there are all these Louboutin shoes, but those are so garish! However, I love the idea of studs in shoes. I would just like to find a more subtle, sophisticated and subdued studded shoe. You know, the kind that matches by dressy studded belt, so I can wear it with my jacket that has studded lapels. That would be perfect!” It just seems too farfetched, and the shoe seems to conceptually weak. Sorry Gucci.

2) The Good Flock iWooly iPad Case

I think this one speaks for itself. I posted about Hard Graft less than a month ago. Does the world need a second manufacturer of 100% wool/vegetable tanned leather apple product accessories? I think if your product description is eight words long and exactly the same as another item on the market you need to rethink your plan. It is just unnecessary copycattery.

Hat tips to High Snobiety and HypeBeast for the product details.

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