Farm Tactics Camo Tote

Posted on 3rd March, by iain in Dislike, Fashion and Style. No Comments

This tote from Farm Tactics quickly and firmly fall into the ever-growing category of “heinous uses of camouflage”.

Aside from the camo (which, as I’ve mentioned, isn’t my favorite trend), this tote also combines shockingly orange accents with absolutely unnecessary rope handles. I really can’t say that I understand any of the design choices that were made here. Although the tote is affordable ($88 at Two Inch Cuffs) I feel as though some fabric scraps and learning to sew would have a similar look, and be significantly cheaper. Heck, you may even have some fun. Don’t even get me started on the slightly-toned-down blue version…

That being said, please do check out the shop at Two Inch Cuffs, as they have some really great stuff. For example, check out this Button Down from Hamilton 1883:

Source: Two Inch Cuffs

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