HUF “Fuck It” Hats Are Obnoxious

Posted on 17th May, by iain in Dislike, Fashion and Style. No Comments

I’m consistently baffled by brands trying to push the boundaries of acceptable streetwear. More specifically, I’m baffled by people who think the secret to getting noticed is putting “Fuck” on your clothing. I understand that they are trying to prove that they truly don’t care, or possibly that they are amongst the most edgy brands out there, but it just comes across as misguided. They might as well have put out a hat with this slogan embroidered on it (at least then we wouldn’t have to say what’s on our minds):

And, do I really need to explain the problem with bucket hats in general? They are atrocious, and the camouflage doesn’t help.

There are certainly some exceptions to the rule. For example, when Mark McNairy did it, it was cheeky; when Russ Karablin (of SSUR) did it, it was clever; but when HUF does it, it just comes across as childish.

Also, if anyone from HUF is interested, it seems that Cafe Press beat you to the punch:

“I’m a cunt” t-shirt found on Cafe Press; HUF “Fuck It” Hats found at the HUF online store

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