Kidult, Marc Jacobs and the T-Shirt of a T-shirt

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There has been a bit of activity as of late between street artist Kidult and Marc Jacobs. Essentially what the story boils down to is that Kidult allegedly tagged the front of a Marc Jacobs store in SOHO, Marc Jacobs was mad and made a t-shirt commemorating the event in “retaliation” (which sold for $689), and Kidult made his own t-shirt in response (selling for €6.89). The whole thing would be a rather boring fashion “feud”, were it not for the small(er) t-shirt brand FRY. In reaction to the whole event, they released their own “commemorative” t-shirt, which was printed with a photo of the Marc Jacobs t-shirt.

Although I may not love the execution of the shirt pictured above, I do think it provides an excellent example of the state of hype in the fashion world. Everyone around the web seems to agree that FRY really took the cake. Why is it that a piece of clothing from one of the best designers of our time, as well as a piece of art from a notable street artist can both be overshadowed by an homage? Is the FRY t-shirt’s worth directly linked to how clever it is?  Or is the value of the interaction between Marc Jacobs and Kidult found in the hype/hysteria created by the feud, and FRY’s shirt is as close as you can get to capturing the essence of the moment without being tainted by involvement?

I suppose we’ll never know, but please feel free to discuss in the comments.

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