Mark McNairy’s Camouflage Irony

Posted on 3rd May, by iain in Dislike, Fashion and Style. No Comments

I must start this post by saying that Mark McNairy is one of the best and most influential cobblers at this moment in time. His work with shoes has inspired an entire movement towards contrast soles and bright colors. In addition, I personally love much of his work. He does a great job of making dressing nicely fun again.

However, I believe there is a little too much fun in some of his recent work. Specifically, let’s look at these two new camo pieces featured on Nanamica

I just don’t see the appeal. I understand the clever juxtaposition between camouflage and smiley faces or flowers, but I can’t comprehend why either one needs to be featured in modern menswear; specifically on an ill-fitting 6 panel cap or knee length cargo shorts.

Maybe (hopefully) I’m just missing the joke.

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