Wearable Trend from Fashion Week: Shawl-Collared Jackets

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Although Men’s Fashion Weeks in Milan & Paris are well over, I’ve had some requests to highlight some of the more “accessible” trends that I saw this year. We’ll begin this four-part series in no particular order:

Shawl-Collared Jackets

Although shawl collars are nothing new to the men’s fashion world (and a some have been on this for a while) there was still a distinct presence in the collections on display. Some of my personal favorites:



Saint Laurent Paris (formerly YSL)

Next time you find yourself looking at a tuxedo (or blazer, more realistically) think about trying a shawl collar. It’s a classic look that always seems surprisingly modern. If you’re going formal, try to find one with a squared bottom (à la Valentino and Gucci). If you’re going casual, the rules are out the window.

Keep in mind that a shawl collar can be tough to pull off. Making it look good requires that you pay careful attention to the width. It should be about the size of your pocket flaps (should you jacket have pocket flaps). Otherwise, try to keep it in proportion with the rest of your jacket. If the jacket is slim, the lapel should be slim. If the jacket is fuller… go see a tailor.

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