Y-3 Nomad Racer is a Little Bit Much

Posted on 4th June, by iain in Dislike, Fashion and Style. No Comments

Yohji Yamamoto is arguably one of the most important designers of our generation. Less arguably, he is certainly one of the most interesting designers of our time. His ability to push the limits of fashion while keep his pieces somewhat wearable is one of his greatest talents. However, I do feel that the soon-to-be-released Y-3 Nomad Racer goes a little overboard with the “moon boot” aesthetic. The silhouette is really the saving grace of this shoe, as it is incredibly sleek and well-balanced. Ultimately, though, I look at this shoe and think that either Yohji Yamamoto is completely brilliant or totally insane.¬†Kevin Segall described having the same reaction upon seeing the first iMac before it was launched. Check out more photos of the shoe below:

Images courtesy of Sneaker Freaker

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